WIP Wednesday

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve worked a bit on my Reversible Ribs Socks. Yes, I know the name is totally silly because many if not most ribbing patterns are reversible, but that’s the name I chose, so deal with it. 🙂

This ribbing pattern is really simple, but it gives a wonderful textured look that is fantastic both unstretched

Ribbing unstretched

Ribbing unstretched

and stretched.

Ribbing stretched

Ribbing stretched

I decided to continue the ribbing pattern down the heel flap and flanked it with 3 stitches of garter stitch on each side. When I first started knitting socks, I did a lot of chain selvedge edges on heel flaps, where you slip the first stitch and knit the last stitch of every row. But I have come to prefer the garter stitch edge and now I nearly always do 2 or 3 garter stitches on each side of the heel flap. I’m debating whether to do a standard gusset or try doing the gusset decreases so they go toward the sole of the foot. I’ll have to decided soon because I’m nearly ready to turn the heel.

I’ve been making pretty good progress on the Pretty In Pink Selvedge Cardigan. I have all the body shaping done and am more than halfway to the point where I will divide the sweater into front, back, front. My stitches look a lot better now.

The stitches nearest the needle are much more even than the stitches nearest the ribbing.

The stitches nearest the needle are much more even than the stitches nearest the ribbing.

I think I know why the lower section is so uneven and sloppy looking. The yarn I am using has been knitted up. When Vickie sent it to me, she still had her sweater-in-progress on the needles. I took it off and ripped it out and wound the yarn up on my ball winder. It sat in my stash for several years, which is plenty of time for the kinks in the yarn to relax. But I used one of the balls for swatching, and I washed and blocked the swatch. When it was dry and I had settled upon a needle size, I ripped out the swatch, rewound it, and started knitting. I had already knitted the ribbing, so I added the “swatch” yarn when I started the body, and it was still pretty kinky from the swatching. I’m confident it will even out when washed and blocked, although I might have to help a few individual stitches along here and there. I can’t say that I’m loving working with bulky yarns and size 11 needles, but I’m not hating it, either. Regardless, I’ll be happy to get this project done so that I can start on something more interesting, say the Cassidy. 😀

Cassidy hooded cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns

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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I really like those Reversible rib socks; they look like they will hold up well. Is there a link to the pattern? I’ve thought of doing the Cassidy myself; look forward to seeing your progress if you go ahead with it.

    • The pattern is just something I improvised. You can view the project notes on Ravelry. I haven’t written up the details of arranging the stitches for the heel, but I will add them to the notes at some point.

      The Cassidy is a gorgeous sweater, and I think it would be perfect for my future DIL. There are several other Bonne Marie Burns designs I am considering knitting. I think her designs are lovely.

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