Entering Week 12

Yes, Labor Day has come and gone and our kitchen remodel still isn’t finished. A little bit of progress was made last week, but the measurements for the counter tops still haven’t been done. Hopefully that will happen this week, but not today. Nothing is being done today.

Last week, more electrical work got done on Monday. The electricians have been fabulous. We have wonderful LED lighting under the cabinets, and a new pendant light over the sink.


The pendant light over the sink and the beautiful casing around the new window

Unfortunately, no more work was done on the kitchen until Friday. But a lot was accomplished that day. The other two windows went in, and the window and door casings were installed. They look great.


We had the slider in the back of the nook replaced with a double window. I much prefer double-hung windows to sliders, and I’m very happy with the look of the new windows.


The other new window in the breakfast nook really shows off the new casings. The window sill will be painted white, and I love how nice the white trim looks with the paint.


The casing around the door to the basement is up. It’s hard to believe that the old casing was pink. We decided to keep the old door and just have it painted white.

Also, the baseboards are almost completely done.


The baseboards match the ones in the rest of the house–6-inch pine boards with the top slightly rounded. The shoe molding gives it a finished look.


I think the flooring, trim, and paint help the kitchen and breakfast nook to flow together so that they seem more like one room.

This week I’m hopeful that the work that remains to be done on the windows, primarily the outside caulking, will get done, as well as the painting of the trim and the second coat on the walls.

The range hood is supposed to go in and the surround for the vent pipe built. The pantry is still without the roller drawers, so maybe they will finally get installed, and maybe the drawer that needs to be cut down to accommodate the chase will be finished. The dishwasher and disposal are supposed to be wired this week, but they can’t be installed until the counter tops are done. But at least I can do a little bit of cooking now, and clean up is much easier with a functioning sink.

And we are still awaiting the installation of the crown molding on the top of the cabinets and the shelf for the microwave, and a few other odds and ends.

When it is finally complete, I think the kitchen is going to be fabulous. I’m getting ready for the day it’s finally done; I have bought shelf and drawer liner, and I have been giving a lot of thought as to where I am going to put what. I won’t have quite as much storage in this kitchen as I had in the kitchen of my previous house, but there is still a lot of cupboard space, and it’s going to be a totally kick-ass kitchen. I can hardly wait for it to be completed.

4 thoughts on “Entering Week 12

    • I had roller drawers in the pantry at my previous house, and they were fabulous. Unfortunately, the roller drawer for this pantry unit are not very well designed and are going to need some serious tinkering to get them to work properly.

  1. I am SO glad that this will be finally over soon … It’s impossible to believe that it took them THREE. MONTHS to get it done.

    Thekitchen looks beautiful! Everything goes well together, I agree with you. 🙂 I’m keeping my thumbs pressed for a quick and smooth ending!!!

    • Well, we still have a long way to go. The template for the countertops still hasn’t been done, so it will be at least 2 and maybe 3 weeks before the countertop is ready, and then we will have to pick the tile for the backsplash and have it set. And there are a lot of little things yet to be done, so it looks like sometime in October before we are finally finished.

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