And So It Goes, On And On, Ad Infinitum

So, the countertops are going to be installed tomorrow, YAY! But our contractor is not coming tomorrow and Friday as promised, although he does say he will come next week. (Where have I heard that before?)

This will make five straight weeks that he has done absolutely nothing on our kitchen. It’s possible somebody may have used the word lawyer at some point in the text exchanges today.

Although the countertops are going in tomorrow, the plumber won’t be here till Saturday, so we will probably be without water in the kitchen until Saturday, because I doubt that the countertop installer does plumbing.

Live and learn. 😾

4 thoughts on “And So It Goes, On And On, Ad Infinitum

    • Our contractor is full of excuses; he’s busy working on other jobs for a builder he works for, but when we hired him he didn’t tell us that he would only work on our job when he wasn’t busy with other jobs. In fact, he told us it would take 3-4 weeks, and after all the delays in getting started, once he did start, he told us he would be “all ours.” If we had know that he would be working only sporadically on our kitchen, we wouldn’t have hired him.

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