At Last

Finally, after fourteen long, long, long months, the kitchen is finished. Well, sort off. There is still a little bit of painting to do, and we ran four pencil tiles short thanks to me changing the design on the fly without giving a thought to the number of tiles we had. But the painting will get done soon, and the tile is on order and will just need to be cemented into place and grouted once it arrives.

I’m very pleased with the work the tile setters did. There was one hiccup along the way,


I didn’t like the way the corner blocks were laid, with long butting on long, short butting on short. The the outside edge with the mitered long bull nose tile was not even close to what I wanted.


but it was taken care of to my satisfaction, and the tile looks marvelous!


I think the corner looks much better with long tile butting short tile, and the outside edge is now exactly what I had envisioned.

And now the kitchen looks the way it is supposed to.


Now I don’t have to worry about splattering food and grease on the painted walls. Tile is so much easier to clean, and the grout is stain-resistant stuff that doesn’t have to be sealed repeatedly.


I changed the design to have tile all the way up to the window sill instead of keeping the wood apron that the previous contractor had put up, and that’s why we ran short of the pencil tile that separates the mosaic tile from the subway tile. I thought I had told our backsplash designer that that is what I wanted, but apparently there was a misunderstanding.


The chase that holds the stack was the trickiest part of the entire job, but the tile setter was up to the task.


The metal strip on the corner is called a Schluter, and it gives the glass tile a nice edge while adding a nice accent.


The tile setter put a strip of wood in the place where the pencil tile goes. When the tile arrives, we will just need to unscrew and remove the wood strip and glue the tile into place, then grout it.

Words cannot express how happy I am to finally have the kitchen finished.

2 thoughts on “At Last

  1. Yes, it’s quite an ordeal. The kitchen was supposed to be completed in 3-4 weeks, and 4 weeks was a reasonable amount of time given the scope of the work. The delay in getting the kitchen completed put other work on hold, including having the carpeting pulled up and the hardwood floors refinished or replaced. And we still aren’t unpacked completely, and until we get unpacked, we cannot do anything to the basement. Still, we have gotten a lot of work done. I cannot imagine renovating an old church into a residents. Sounds like fun, but it also sounds like a lot of work.

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