Decisions, Decisions!

When I start a spinning project, I give a lot of thought to what I want to do with the fiber. I have to decide before I start spinning whether I want to spin end to end, then chain ply or ply from both ends of a center-pull ball, split the yarn in half and spin up each half separately to make two skeins that are pretty much identical or to make a 2-ply, split the yarn in various ways to make a fractal, a chain-plied fractal, or a gradient, etc. There are lots of possibilities, but they all need planning.

But sometimes the best laid plans go by the wayside. I have two spinning projects that have singles sitting on bobbins. One is waiting to be plied; the other still has a wee bit of spinning left to do. What they both have in common is that I cannot decide how I want to ply them.

I had originally planned to make this gorgeous BFL/silk blend from Frabjous Fibers into a 2-ply yarn.

The colorway has all the colors you see at the ball park–the brown and green of the playing field, the white of the lines and the clouds in the sky, and the blue of the sky.

I split the braid in half vertically and spun each half onto a separate bobbin.

Version 2

Yes, I spun these singles on my little-used Lendrum in flyer-lead (Scotch tension). I haven’t spun in ST for quite a while, and my Lendrum needed to be used. This fiber wanted to be spun up fat. Or at least what passes for fat in my spinning universe. I love how heathery the colors became when I spun the fiber.

I intended to ply the two singles together, but once I saw how pretty the colors spun up, I was paralyzed with indecision. Should I go ahead and make the 2-ply, or should I chain-ply the singles to keep the colors separate and make a self-striping yarn? I just cannot decide, although I am currently leaning toward sticking with my original plan.

Then there is this lovely superwash Targhee from Spunky Eclectic.

This colorway is called Caribou. It is even prettier IRL than in pictures. The colors are almost a gradient, but not quite.

It goes from deep browns to light browns to deep grays to silvery grays to silvery white to white, and my original plan was the same as the other one–to split the bump in half vertically, spin two singles end to end, then ply them together. But once again, the singles are so freaking gorgeous, I’m tempted to  chain-ply them instead.

Version 2

This yarn wanted to spin up very, very thin. So I obliged and used the hi-speed whorl and hi-speed bobbins on my Matchless in double drive. This fiber spins like butter!

Or to make a 2-ply from a center-pull ball. Or maybe I’ll just stick to my original plan. I have another 4-oz bump of this yarn, so I can have a do-over.

Did you ever have to make up your mind? (Apologies to John Sebastian.)

‾\_()_/‾     ‾\_()_/‾   ‾\_()_/‾   ‾\_()_/‾    ‾\_()_/‾    ‾\_()_/‾    ‾\_()_/‾

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