Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 1

On Friday, I prepared my fiber for the TdF, so today I was all ready to start spinning. My first project is a 75/25 Bluefaced Leicester/Tussah silk blend from Into The Whirled in a colorway called Gilmore’s Glorious Goods. I’m normally not all that wild about spinning BFL because most of the BFL I’ve spun tends to have a lot of nepps and second cuts, and the addition of silk makes it a challenge to draft. But this fiber is like butter. The nepps have been few and far between, there are no second cuts, and the wool and silk are so well blended that the fiber practically drafts itself.

I split the fiber into 8 strips and I’m spinning the strips end to end, keeping the colors in the same order. I plan to chain ply the singles to make a self-striping yarn with relatively short repeats.

The Matchless is at the start line and the fiber is prepared for the race.

I really thought this yarn would want to be spun more on the thick side because, well, that’s just what happens when I spin silk blends, especially when the silk is blended with BFL. But this fiber really wanted to be spun thin. When it’s plied, it will be fingering weight.

Day 1 progress

I’ll finish up spinning this fiber tomorrow, and I might even be able to give you a sneak peak of the second project I have planned.

3 thoughts on “Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 1

  1. This is totally gorgeous! I wanted to comment earlier, but somehow didn’t get around to it – I am SO HAPPY TO READ FROM YOU AGAIN!!! 🙂 I missed you.
    The colours on this are wonderful. Looking forward to cheer your on!

    • Aw, danke, Julia. I had almost forgotten how much I like blogging. And I now have a very simple way to add pictures without having first to upload them from my camera to my computer, so that might make a difference in the frequency of my posting. I’m hoping that blogging my TdF progress every day will get me back in the habit. Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. You’re welcome! And I am so happy to hear that the kitchen nightmare has ended and that you could settle … I am really looking forward to your pictures! (and I am trying to get back into the blogging habit as well, so we could do it together 😉 )

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