Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 4

Well, it took me three days to spin up 4 ounces of Into the Whirled Gilmore’s Glorious Goods because it wanted to be spun very thin, but the 4 ounces of ITW Talisman (Targhee), demanded to be spun thick, and I obeyed. So I was able to spin it all in one day.

I was originally going to spin the Talisman for a 3-ply (chain-plied) fractal, but I changed my mind and decided to do a 2-ply fractal. I will ply the two bobbins together to make a subtle self-striping yarn, but the stripes will get progressively shorter from one end of the skein to the other because for the second bobbin, I divided the strip in half to make two strips, spun one of the strips, then divided the remaining strip in half, spun one half, divided the other strip in half, etc., until the strip was too thin to be divided.

Two bobbins of Talisman on the left, and my finally finished bobbin of Gilmore’s Glorious Goods on the right. The color isn’t very well-adjusted. The Talisman is shades of teal and shades of rust.

Tomorrow is another race day, and I think I will spin some more Targhee. But I think I will use my Flatiron instead of my Matchless.

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